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Uwe Rusch, CEO

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"Stumbled across this absolute gem of a cocktail bar in Miami"

The place has a style and customer service which would easily find notoriety in a European capital city. But it's here and that's what makes it a bit special. Menu's in all languages, great outdoor seating, friendly helpful staff and outstanding Cocktails. Never ever found such a great Cocktail quality!


"Highly Recommended"

Cocktails as they should be...a delight. Top quality ingredients, top quality customer service, down to earth prices, all Cocktails served with a good selection of tasty nibbles, a lovely way to finish the day. We visited the outside tables every evening of our holiday, we had our dog with us and can honestly say this must be the dog friendliest top quality establishment on the SW of Florida and were always given the warmest of welcomes.


"Best Cocktails ever!"

CHASER is seriously one of the best cocktail bars we have ever been to! And we've been to a few...the atmosphere is relaxed, romantic and classy. The staff are truly excellent and provide top class service! Nibbles with every drink come free of charge. The guy that makes the cocktails really knows his stuff, every drink we had was superb, decorative, and had the perfect mix of flavors, whilst not overpowering in taste, CORDIALS Cocktails & Long Drinks! Whilst trying the first CORDIALS Cocktail he said if we didn't like it, he'd just make us something different. If this bar was in any big city you would be queuing to get in! A must whilst you're on holiday in Florida.